Taroma Cyclone 410 Cordless Vacuum VS Dyson V7 Fluffy Handheld Vacuum

We recently tested and compared the Taroma Cyclone 410 Cordless Vacuum Cleaner against the Dyson V7 Fluffy handheld vacuum. We tested all the attachments on tiles, hardwood, carpet and fabric to test the durability of the Taroma Cyclone 410 Cordless against the Dyson V7 Fluffy Handheld Vacuum Cleaner.

Comparing noise levels between the two, Taroma won hands down with 68DB compared to a noise levels of the Dyson of 85DB. The Taroma Cyclone can run between 20-25min on high suction on 12000Pas whereas the Dyson works for 7min on high suction on 20000Pas. The Taroma Cyclone 410 can run for a full 50min on standard suction and the Dyson can run for 45min on standard giving you ample time to do a full clean on a standard home.

Dust container capacity on the Taroma is 1L compared to the Dyson 0.6L.

They both come in a comfortable weight of 2.3kg when fully assembled making your cleaning experience effortless.

Both come with interchangeable batteries which make life for those who decide to purchase an extra battery. Spares and Repairs are easy to come by with superb service from both Taroma and Dyson.

The Taroma Cyclone wins the Affordability test at only R3400 for a full unit, The Dyson V7 Fluffy costs R9294 for a full unit.

Taroma Cyclone 410Dyson V7 Fluffy
Noise68 dB85 dB
Suction Power (HIGH)12000 Pa20000 Pa (lasts 7 min)
Suction Power (Standard)6000-8000 Pa6500 Pa
Battery IndicatorLight DisplayLight Display
Running Time (High)20-30 min7 min
Running Time (Standard)40-50 min45 min
Charging Time3 H5 H
Battery Capacity2200 mAh4600 mAh
Interchangeable BatteryYESYES
Dust Container Capacity1 L0.6 L
Weight2.3 Kg2.3 Kg

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